Miikka Vahtera – member of the Trade Association introduces his business activities

Miikka Vahtera

Miikka has been working with Latvian – Finnish business for over five years. He is the founder of Riga based Sia Kauss Agency which is a part of Business Finland Talent Network. He is the Deputy Chairman of Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia, and a Board Member of Finnish Latvian Trade Association in Helsinki. He is a super motivated Brand Engagement Advisor to create and manage business opportunities in New Nordics and beyond.

Kauss Northern Purity

Our new service line, Kauss Northern Purity, helps crowded spaces industries to make sure 2020 will never happen again. Our vision is to help crowded spaces to regain the trust of people and governments. One of the biggest industries in the world must get back on the status it deserves: to create experiences, unique moments, and live contacts which generate business to all stakeholders.

Our innovative products from New Nordics help Crowded Spaces to keep venues safe for their delegates and employees. Clean Air, Surfaces, Skin, Water and Food.

Kauss is looking for new innovative solutions from New Nordics to join our portfolio. Presentation on Northern Purity for Crowded Spaces.

Miikka Vahtera, Founder

FI +358 40 560 2995

LV +371 273 03 108

Skype miikka.vahtera