Digital outlook of Latvia – discovered during the Finnish –Latvian Trade Association (LAKY) annual visit to Latvia

LAKY is the largest Latvia related business network based in Finland visited Latvia on the 5-6th of June.

Digitalization and e-service vision and plan for Latvia were introduced by #VARAM Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development. The way forward is with a personalized and proactive government.

The digital public services, use of internet and connectivity excels in Latvia. The challenges of integration of digital technology and human capital are to be improved in all of the Baltics.

LMT- the largest telecommunication network in Latvia is 5G ready and innovating across platforms – from smart cities to drone technologies and more while being a great cooperation partner for Nokia networks.

The new digital native companies with unique musical competence Solfegio and Sonarworks introduced the delegation digitally advanced products in demand globally. Enabling better and more innovative music learning environment as well as world class sound calibration technologies has deep roots in Latvian heritage.

 Tieto Latvia – the Finnish Capital investor with over 700 employees showed the latest VR and workspace innovations while leading the largest Tieto team in the Baltics.

And Riga Technical University development with new laboratories, extended International networks and significant investment in infrastructure have good position to contribute to the industry and society at large.

Novelties in digital strategic communication and high digital vulnerability were also topics discussed. And a great tradition – the annual Garden Party by the Finnish Embassy in Riga in cooperation with the Finnish Latvian Chamber or Commerce brought the business communities in an informal networking event.

Exchanging ideas and learning from each other enables the New Nordic

Photos: LIAA.