BRIGG Resources – a new member of the Finnish-Latvian Trade Association

Enterprise: BRIGG Resources SIA

Contact person: Mr. Kimmo Korpilahti, Business Development Partner
Activity: HR services, financial administration, accounting and staffing

Additional information:

Latvian company with Swedish background and the Nordic values.

Customer oriented, fully transparent, and responsible way to operate. Knowing well both Swedish and Finnish markets as well as the domestic market in Latvia. We operate according to law and labour regulations of each country we operate.
We have Finnish and Swedish speaking managers available for background support. 

What kind of commercial activity the company has in Latvia?
Helping to open business in Latvia. Comprehensive HR services, financial administration, and accounting. Market entry consultation, business registration, Tax- and VAT registrations.

Staffing from Latvia to Sweden and Finland.

Our main sectors in staffing services are:
– Recycling / waste sorting
– Prefabricated concrete element manufacturing
– Metal workshops / vehicle maintenance
– Forest industry

Creating place and growth to your business
Advanced HR services – Get your best talents

How do you see the position of your business activities in Latvia during the five coming years?

Well-known brand where the quality meets trust. One of the key players when need to respond quickly, reliably, and flexibly to clients’ business changes and cyclical fluctuations. And achieved a place as a part of mindset when the company starts considering business activities in Latvia.

Which kind of advice would you like to give for a Finnish company planning to enter the Latvian market?  

Be patient, this is a little different country and society than Finland. Things are working well here, but this is not so precise and comma by comma as in Finland – on paper maybe yes, but in practise not necessary so. Here are good workers and this is relatively good business environment. The way of thinking may sometimes differ to Finnish or Nordics ways. Keep on going with networking, it is an essential. 

Do not hesitate to ask information, experiences or help from these commercial associations, colleagues, or Finnish society. Open-minded and flexible attitude helps.

Your recommendations to join the Finnish-Latvian Association

I was seven years acting as an Executive Director of The Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia. Therefore, I know how important and good connects and networking possibilities you can get. And, not forgetting that fact, that most if not all our members have own experiences in doing business in Latvia and Finland, and between them. A lot of information, knowledge, experiences, connections what is not possible to reach anywhere else.